Orthodox people

Some thoughts on Orthodox people.

“The church doesn’t do politics”.

  • Yes, but on the same time lots of people tell you that vaccines are bad. The reality is like this – pharmaceutical companies have a tendency to mask the truth and only present the good part of a vaccine. But the solution, in this case:
    • Is not to present only the bad part of vaccines, and close your ears on the good parts.
    • Is not to claim you are a doctor, and make medical decisions.
  • People in the church will always tell you bad reasons for a lot of non-Orthodox actions (if you gamble, you will …, from a medical perspective). On the other hand, they pretty much never tell you the good reasons for such an action (if you gamble, the good part of this is …).
  • I am not saying the people in the church should now focus on the negatives. But it seems there is no equilibrium – if there is a scientific study which proves that condoms have a quality, it will be ignored. A scientific study which shows the flaws of using condoms will be praised. That’s not the truth. That’s pure politics.

“Let God’s will be done”.

  • Unfortunately, most of the time I hear this is on situations where there is not enough preparation. “I won’t study anymore, I will ask God for help”.

If you try to find Orthodox people which have little or none of these characteristics, you will find few representatives:

  • Self-sufficient. “I am in the best church, best country. I am a good citizen. I do good. I don’t need you”.
  • “Sorry”. “I am sorry, but …”, and lots of excuses. The problem is not too much politeness, the problem is focusing on excuses, instead of solutions.
  • Fear. “I am afraid to do so”. Most of them are for internal reasons, not external (“I fear I don’t have the mood to read”).
  • Pleasure. It’s amazing how much carpe diem can be in an Orthodox person.
  • Obedience. “I will follow exactly what you say; I will never contradict you; peace!”.
  • If you are not like the above – “You talk unworthy for an Orthodox“.
  • If you are not like the above and you are an Orthodox – try to do them even more. Be more obedient, have more fears, be self-sufficient.

Reactions to Horia-Roman Patapievici:

  • I’ve read lots of online remarks about the writer I admire the most; most of them negative; the thing is, they’re taken out of context, the persons in cause haven’t read the book the quotes are from, and, finally, most people are not smart enough to be able to comprehend the ideas of H.-R. P.;
  • I’ve found that communicating with online commentators on these themes is generally futile; the quote above, with “You talk unworthy for an Orthodox” is by a priest commenting on my replies in defense of H.-R. P.; you won’t get much change done.

Ultimately, the reaction to freedom. I’ve written about freedom before (1 & 2).

  • Most people think that Orthodoxy takes freedoms, instead of giving them.

P.S.: So, what’s the solution to the proble in this article? See this article:

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