On voting

Voting, in my opinion, matters mostly as a personal example. It’s good to go and vote, that gesture matters, it’s fine to publicly say who you’re voting for, it’s OK to help your favorite party in any way that you can (time, resources, energy). It’s also good to be informed of the main offers.

But, a vote, other than that, has only marginal importance. Even when the vote difference is tight, it’s rarely the case of a single vote making the difference.

Also, in Romania it matters more, in my opinion, to vote for a person or party who is the least corrupt, rather than vote for an entity that has values similar to yours. In practice, in Romania, political parties, generally, don’t follow nor do what they say they’ll do.

Sean Loosier - Vote!
Sean Loosier – Vote!, https://flic.kr/p/5zbBQB

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