On trying

Billionaire Warren Buffett is quoted on saying:

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

I guess that’s true when you’re a billionaire. You will get invited to a lot of social gatherings, interviews, tours, shows, that you need to create a method to protect yourself.

And if you’re in the top 5 richest people in the world, those invitations must come in large numbers.

Yet, I think the situation is totally different for someone just starting out. A student, a person just graduating, a person who worked for a few years, but now wants to switch careers, a person who tries something new – in my opinion, all of these scenarios fit another approach: try everything.

How will you know the interview is of poor quality? Do 3 interviews and you’ll know whether to accept an interview or not.

How will you know if a party is a good investment of your time? Go a few times and then decide.

How will you know if you’re good at a job if you don’t try it, put some time in it, try some more?

Sure, you can only experiment with the things which are reversible or don’t have huge implications, that’s clear.

Jim Bagnola used to say about a person who was reluctant to try things that he/she said – „I tried it once. It didn’t work out”.

The answer, obviously, is „try some more! See if it really fits you or not!”.

If you’re scared of dogs, like I am, the solution is not to avoid any contact with dogs, but have so many contacts with them that the fear disappears.

There are lots of videos online with veterinaries knowing how to handle animals – they’re so used to them, that they know their tricks.

An aggressive dog can be safely trained by a professional. That professional has a thing that the vast majority of people on Earth don’t have – huge experience with dogs.

Frank Busch - Experiments
Frank Busch – Experiments, https://flic.kr/p/Mn57a1

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