On „The best offer” (2013)

I’ve seen „The best offer” (2013). Thoughts? (with spoilers!)

  • The movie is about art bidding as much as Interstellar is about Science Fiction – not that much.
  • „The transcendentals are the three properties of being: truth, beauty, and goodness.” (Wikipedia) There two things in balance: the beauty that is seen, has courage, and is cheating visibly vs. the beauty that is hidden is afraid, and is cheating in a hidden way. What’s left, when you take out beauty, courage in truth, fear in truth? The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • The truth is spoken in brutal ways. You get shocked by it, it’s highly aggressive. Thus, when the actors say things that appear to be plain, they seem accurate. If you can say the hard things, the soft things now seem believable.
  • The guy has inner limitations (cheats), the girl has outer limitations (space). When they meet, the guy works on his outer limitations (his work, his possessions), the girl works on her inner limitations (being afraid).
  • It’s a visually stunning movie. Just superb. Everything looks gorgeous.
  • It’s not easy to predict what comes next, but it’s not exactly mind blowing.
  • I highly recommend this movie. 10/10.

A quote:

Billy Whistler: I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you. Human emotions are like works of art. They can be forged. They seem just like the original, but they are a forgery.

Virgil Oldman: Forgery?

Billy Whistler: Everything can be faked, Virgil. Joy, pain, hate… illness, recovery. Even love.

The best offer

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