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On „Temple Grandin” (2010)

I just saw „Temple Grandin” (2010). Some ideas?

  • It’s one of the most emotional movies I’ve seen. It made me cry.
  • The acting was superb, by both the main character and the secondary ones.
  • The script was OKish, not exceptional, but OK. It surprised me, at times, at others it didn’t.
  • It didn’t strike me as an expensive-to-make movie, but, still, the visual aspects were nice.
  • I had very low expectations, seeing it was a TV movie, not a cinema one. I started watching it having low expectations of what would come. I was wrong.
  • I give the movie a 10/10, and it’s almost on my list of „must-see” movies. Very close to the top of the list.

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