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Adding temporary offers in a newsletter is not, to me, ideal. As a reader, I tend to read newsletters once every few days.

Opening a newsletter and noticing an expiring offer – that doesn’t sound so good.

Also, if you tell me, „Write to me, this is a personal message,” I do write back, and then you don’t reply – that’s not very nice.

As far as I can tell, newsletters are more difficult to read than a blog/news site via RSS.

Some people add this text: „Subscribe to my newsletter to download X.” There are two major drawbacks to this:

  1. You decrease the trust others have in your brand, as you do a rather shady thing as a general principle; you ask for people’s mail without them being sure they’ll be treated nicely;
  2. Your audience will mostly consist of people who are too lazy to unsubscribe. I wouldn’t want an audience formed mostly of these people.

Why end your newsletter with a quote? If you have a lot of links in your newsletter, some people might open them all in tabs (perhaps using an extension like Snap links for Firefox / Chrome). While they wait for the tabs to load, they could read your quote and reflect on it.

It matters a lot to have a good subject line. People focus a lot on crafting a good newsletter, but the subject line matters a lot.

The Focal Project - Email Marketing
The Focal Project – Email Marketing, https://flic.kr/p/2kJq1n3

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