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There is no free lunch

I found three solutions to enjoy various media online:

  • For free courses, you can use free online courses. The catch? You need to visit the web site pretty much every day, and it takes a while to join the courses.
  • For free games, you can visit daily: 🎮 Games on Sale – Save money with The downside? You need to visit the web site often.
  • For free, downloadable, classical music, you can see YourClassical. An issue? Once a week, you need to visit the web site and download, you can’t download music older than around 10 days. Miss one week? Miss one week’s worth of songs.

Yes, all of the above are free, but if you pay for courses, you don’t need to wait. A similar thing applies to the other elements.

Don Harder - Free
Don Harder – Free,
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