Nicolae Steinhardt and his father

I like Nicolae STEINHARDT a lot:

Nicolae STEINHARDT – the Orthodox Christian that means the most to me – Get a result now!

But there’s a thing about him, which I found out only recently, which made me care for him even more – his love for his father.

Nicolae STEINHARDT mentions his father for a few times in the „Happiness Diary”; but I’ve recently read (most of) „N. Steinhardt and the Paradoxes of Freedom” by George ARDELEANU; two things impressed me the most, according to this lecture:

  • He worried about his father even while he was in prison; imagine this – you’re put in jail for unjust reasons, you suffer a lot in the conditions of Communist prisons, and yet, you worry about your father; this is what Nicolae STEINHARDT did while he was in prison; he could have worried about his health, his state in the prison, his condition; perhaps he did this; but he also worried about his father;
  • He didn’t go to a monastery while his father still needed his help; Nicolae STEINHARDT lived his life with books; he read a lot, had a lot of culture; he treasured spirituality; and yet, when decision was to be taken, he preferred to stay with his father, rather than go to a monastery; after his father died, he went to a monastery; but only after this.
I love Nicolae STEINHARDT for a lot of reasons; but the two above make me love him even more.

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