What might matter more than money? (an article)

I liked this article (10 things to be rich in other than money | FIRE Your Own Way), about things which you can have, which can be more important than money.

I’ll comment on them a bit.

1. Time – if you have a good time with people you enjoy, or you spend time doing things you love, money may not matter as much.
2. Knowledge – this might bring you some money, but only if you have the ability to connect things.
3. Experiences – these will make you remember life even more.
4. Friendships – family, romantic reltionships, friends, strangers – they all matter for a good life.
5. Enjoyment – you need to savor the moment, gratify yourself.
6. Health – what good are money, if you can’t enjoy the?
7. Gratitude – be thankful, it will make you feel good.
8. Passion – you need to be passionate about life.
9. A positive attitude – you need to think positive about life.
10. Humour – enjoy life, it’s funny.

I’d add to the list a sense of purpose.

Great article! (10 things to be rich in other than money | FIRE Your Own Way).

Pedro Szekely - Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
Pedro Szekely – Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, https://flic.kr/p/nBoV8m

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