Arthur GOLDERN: „Memoirs of a geisha” (1999, book) & „Memoirs of a geisha” (2005, movie)

Recently, I’ve read:

Some thoughts:

  • Until recently, I thought I couldn’t focus while reading. This book changed my perspective on things.
  • I could follow the things I read, even though this meant reading the book in about two months time.
  • I liked the book a lot, I saw the movie afterwards.
  • The movie (Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) – IMDb) was rather a disappointment, things weren’t as I expected them to be, the movie was both rather unrealistic and due to the differences from the two types of media, it only presented some (interesting) things about the book story, but nothing really important.
  • Coming back to the book – very enjoyable read, it gave me some insights.
  • I’m so glad I can read books again – and it was in English!
  • It also makes me happy that while watching the movie I discovered I understood well most of the plot. Not all, but most of it.
  • The book was a much bigger pleasure to me than the movie.

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