Taking measures on time

I’m surprised, a lot of times, on some measures taken at the last minute.

One example is with measures that have a clear deadline – “You must submit form X on day Y”. And then, one day or two before day Y, a new law comes, saying “We have postponed the rule with a few days/weeks/months”.

To me, that’s absurd – a lot of people, most likely, want to plan their submission, and not leave everything for the last day. Instead of making them happy, the politicians with power postpone the deadline for the few who, most likely, would have not met the deadline anyway.

It’s like having 10 employees, 5 which work hard, and 5 which don’t, and you give laws to helps those who, anyhow, don’t work that much.

Another example. Recently, the Government promised to give some answers and clarifications prior to starting the school, on September 14th. And when were those clarifications/answers given? Just a week prior to the date. You have all the summer with no activity in the educational system, and then you give a reaction only one week prior to the start of the school.

The thing is, this encourages poor planning. If I see the politicians planning, actually preparing, things for the last minute, this gets done in other circles, who mimic the behavior of politicians.

We have CoVID since March 2020, and in September 2020 we discover we don’t have time to buy tablets for pupils to study on.

“We’ll just wait and see how it goes” is a much poor principle than “Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur.

Lilian D - Time
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