Mac air

It’s good to use a Mac Air, compared with other laptops:

  • It’s a good Operating System (Mac OS), for those who know it.
  • The laptop is very light, small, tiny, thus – very portable.
  • It’s got a sleek design, and it’s a pleasure to carry around.

On the other hand, things can get wrong. I’ve seen people using Mac Airs a bit wrong:

  • Not good with Mac OS, and their friends who install software aren’t good with Mac OS, so at times they don’t know how to do something on Mac, and have no one to ask help. Sure, there are solutions, it’s just that it’s a bit more complicated.
  • The laptop is sometime used on a desk, all day. With the money you pay on a Mac Air you can easily buy a desktop PC with much bigger features & abilities.
  • The laptop can heat a lot, especially if you use it all day long. Thus, not such-a-big pleasure to carry it around.

Talk about comparing apples to apples. :)

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