Despre lumina de la becurile LED

Cum alegi un bec LED? Câteva lecturi.


Which led light is best for eyes? Ultimate Guide | My Dimmer Switch:

Normal daylight is between 5000-6500K. Choose LED bulbs between 5000-6500 Kelvin color temperature and you will get close to natural colors and all details will look sharp.


What Kind of Light Improves Vision? | NVISION Eye Centers:

Warm light is best for the eyes. This includes filtered natural light and light produced by incandescent and LED light bulbs.


Limit and reduce exposure to blue light by taking frequent screen breaks. Use the 20-20-20 rule when spending a lot of time looking at a screen. Look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes you are engaging in screen time. Put away all screens and minimize exposure to blue light at least an hour or two before bedtime.


Sensitive Eyesight: Choosing the Right Lighting Source for Visual Health –

Regardless of the shade, LED bulbs are among the safest lights for your eyes. They rank highest in energy efficiency, too. In the interest of full disclosure, LED lights typically cost more than their traditional counterparts, but that only applies to the initial purchase. Because they burn longer, use less energy, and produce less waste than other bulbs, they pay for themselves in a relatively short time frame.


Choosing the Right Light Bulbs for Optimal Eye Health:

There are several other light bulbs that are a better choice for your eye health, including traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and halogen bulbs. Warm white fluorescent CFLs can be a good replacement, but do know that they still emit a small amount of UV rays. Of course, the amount is much lower than the traditional bulbs.


Am cumpărat de Black Friday acest produs: Set 10 becuri LED Star-Light, E27, 15W (100W), 1350 lm, A++, lumina calda (3000K) –

Era printre puținele produse care scriau ceva cu „Lumină caldă”, și prețul era bun.

Alternativa era Philips.

De văzut și: Supremația becului LED ⋆ zoso blog.

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