The love to swim, the swim in „Gattaca”

The day is hot. Sun is burning, you’re at the seaside. You live in Năvodari and you love the sea. You’ve always loved it, but when living in Bucharest for a long time, the sea calls you back to spend yet another summer with her.

The sun is burning all day long. But you have lived in Năvodari for a long time and patiently wait for the evening to come. It’s almost five in the evening and you get ready to go to the beach. You take with you a pair of glasses, a tea-shirt, some pants, a hat and sneakers. Nothing else. No ID, no towel, no key, no phone. The sun is getting milder, you can enjoy it now.

You get out of the house. Between you and the sea there’s just a bridge, with few persons travelling over it. You walk, and run some, and walk again. Running is good, so is walking. In 15 minutes you’re by the seaside. Very fast you get naked, and directly jump into the sea. You get a little cold and wait for the sun to take the water off of you. This makes you feel even colder. Now you jump again in the sea. Great! After the little cold feeling at the beginning, you enjoy the water now, as it seems to be actually hot. You knew the trick from your father and are enjoying to keep on doing it.

After a full day of sun, the water is warm, while the sun is just fine. Sometimes I swim with swimming glasses, sometimes without. Today is without.

You set the first marker – an orange buoy. You start swimming. Soon you get to second marker – another orange buoy. For the next hour you keep on making rounds and rounds and swim a lot between the two buoys. Sometimes you take a break, and you keep on swimming.

You can think of things, it’s just you and the sea, the swimming is peaceful and you can relax and let your mind swim free through the oceans of thought.

You close your eyes. The water covers you all, it’s everywhere, and it surrounds you. You exhale thoroughly and breathe in some air.

You open your eyes and force yourself to look underwater with your eyes wide open.

And swimming is a part of you and you swim and swim again.

You get out of the water, and start departing. In just a minute you’re dry enough to get dressed, you do this and walk towards home. And on the way home you think of „Gattaca„, mainly the scene with the swimming.

At the end of the day, you look back and think: I love swimming!

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