How do I lose weight?

How can you tell whether someone is vegan ?

Answer: Because they tell you… again, and again, and again

One of the key things in losing weight is, at least for me, keeping track of what I eat using (Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal).

If today I eat something with a large number of calories, and with high-calorie density (highly processed foods, sweets), by weighing myself the next morning I will likely see an increase in my weight. Tracking very thoroughly my calorie intake also helps with this – it helps me keep in my mind the fact that I need to lose weight.

Other than that, I try to do some basic calorie restrictions and having a longer time frame of not eating.

I do some sports, it surely helps, but I consider the impact at a minimum level.

Ed Yourdon - Summertime lunch at Bryant Park, Aug 2009 - 50
Ed Yourdon – Summertime lunch at Bryant Park, Aug 2009 – 50,

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