Why the long post?

It appears to be futile – writing a long post on a subject. After all, most blog posts, even those with a clear demonstration behind them, can be turned into something smaller.

Well, it helps. It helps you become better in the process of writing. Going through the path of writing a message makes you a better person. You work for it.

Some of my blog posts tend to look rather stupid. Simple ideas, repeated, at times, obsessively. Well, I like them, nevertheless, and I learn from writing them, despite of this.

Case study – sometimes, when I go to an event, I photograph weird things – the entrance, some objects in the room, a logo. Most people would focus a lot on the speaker, less on the organizers, and very few times on the participants.

My focus tends to differ. I don’t go around in the room photographing objects. But I do photograph lots of things, and this helps me make a photo story which tends to be not necessarily easier to follow, but easier to remember.

The photo at the entrance helps you connect with the room. The various photos in the room help you connect with the audience. And so on.

Another case study – yesterday I resized a partition. I thought the process would last for a few seconds, but it lasted for about 15 hours. I couldn’t cancel the operation, once started, so I had to wait to finish. The whole day I checked on the status, to see how much it would last. It brought some frustration. The next time I’ll need to resize a partition, surely, I’ll know more about the process than I know right now.

Writing about things makes you remember those things better. When you are the teacher, you learn some things yourself.

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