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Follow-up: Jim Bagnola: „Leading Teams: Managing Success”, The Leadership Tour (2011.11.25, Bucharest, Crystal Palace Ballrooms)

From 14 to 24 of November, 2011, Jim BAGNOLA (see Jim BAGNOLA – the best trainer I’ve seen – Get a result now!) spoke about leadership in Cluj-Napoca, Belgrade, Timișoara and Bucharest; the trainings consisted in team management and leadership, wrapped up with games, case studies and practical jokes.

On 2011.11.25, Jim BAGNOLA was in Bucharest, at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest for his „Leading Teams: Managing Success” training.

Jim’s web site:

About the training:

Goal: Use teaming and leadership principles to take the team to its next level of achievement. This topic focuses the team members on continuing to move from a traditional culture to a more participative culture; from do as you are told to a do whatever it takes commitment.

Purpose: Teaming is about human interaction. It places tremendous demands on interpersonal skills. The workshop refocuses team members on the three vital interpersonal skills to improve organizational and personal listening, conflict resolution and assertiveness.

The day also included a panel, moderated by Jim, with:

My thoughts after the training:

Photos I made (go full-screen):And a video interview with Jim, after the training:

Questions transcript:

1. Do you think that management and leadership best practices in the United States also apply in Romania?
2. What would you change in the formal education system?
3. What feed-back is most valuable?
4. What did you do to have the presentation skills you have today?
5. In 1989, Romanians got out of Communism; 22 years from that moment we’re still in transition; all the Revolution was on television; if you could have said a message to the Romanians in December 1989, what would that message be?

Great event!

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