Just one more

There is a scene in a movie (I think it was a documentary) with an old person making fake IDs for Jews during the Second World War.

The person said they were working for very long periods of time, hardly ever sleeping, always thinking that they could save another life with their work.

And there’s this scene from Schindler’s List: I could have saved one more (ending scene).

Dr. Alexandru Pesamosca and Dr. Niculina Bratu hardly had any life outside of helping others.

In life, you do things – work, have fun, relax, concentrate, get more results, do more things.

It’s important to see how much you can have an impact on others.

And having just one more little impact.

dr. Alexandru Pesamosca
File:Alexandru Pesamosca.jpg – Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Alexandru_Pesamosca.jpg

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