Follow-up: Joe Pons: „Keys in Building High Performance Team in Sales and Marketing Activities”, IEDC MBA MasterClass in Bucharest, 2011.03.14

Joe PONS held a workshop on „Keys in Building High Performance Team in Sales and Marketing Activities„, at the IEDC MBA MasterClass in Bucharest, on the 14th of March, 2011, Bucharest Unirii Square Hotel. You’ll find below photos from the event.

Photos (see in full-screen):

My notes at the event:

– Confusion is great! Something beautiful is going to happen after it;

– Realizing that you are confused – this is the moment which happens right before the light comes on;

– Expect more questions than answers from an MBA program like IEDC’s;

– Set of rules / dogmas – you are preaching: „The 25 business laws for management success”;

– Management is not a topic that lends itself to a collection of dogmas;

– Management is more like an art than science;

– Science implies that you memorize or understand phenomena;
– Art is an experiment;

– In economics:
A + B = C, Ceteris paribus;
– In real life:
nothing is the same, things always change;

– How do you train management, if management is an art?

– How can you learn management? Either via case studies, or from a different company / industry / market;

– It is very to transform and learn from something happening in the pharmaceutical industry to the chewing gum industry;

– Improving managerial competencies could never be done by memorizing a list of DOs and DON’Ts;

– Education (Latin „educo” = take it out in the open / make it visible to others) implies understanding;
– Instruction (Latin „instruo” = build in or into, insert) implies following instructions;

– 1 kilogram of education may prove better than 1 kilogram of instruction;

– When you want to acquire something, you need to give it some time;

– For some processes (like birth), taking a shortcut can lead to problems;

– Tip of advice: think before you speak;

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