Internet marketing for churches

The most important suggestion for online would be to make a YouTube channel like this: Bishop Robert Barron – YouTube.

They have links to other channels they’re present on, you should look them up, they do a good job.

Of course, there is a risk of recording a video in which you say nonsense, blunder, make mistakes.

But the potential benefit seems to me to be greater than the risk.

That would be my top suggestion.

See what the bishop above is doing there, and do the same.

In terms of activities, after the pandemic ends, I would consider holding conferences.

For audio-only files (recordings) – consider putting them as a podcast on podcast services.

If you want a free solution, I’d consider posting a picture and uploading it to YouTube.

For a website – I would consider making it as simple as possible.

I would do Home, About, Services, Resources, Blog, Contact.

What I would recommend is to continue to create things on a mass scale.

I know event organizers who struggle to organize an event with a good speaker.

One event per month, a speaker, super effort.

A team I was part of used to organize several hundred events, many of them with 2/3 speakers, sponsors, ticket payment, room reservation. People tend to get hooked.

Go on the scale – organize events weekly, or twice a week. Call at least one speaker.

Film everything and put it on the net.

Do lots and lots of things.

You will learn a lot, this way, and you will grow.

imagine-biserica - Dr. Stelian Gombos - fratele din Ucraina

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