How to import the birthday addresses of Facebook into Google Calendar?

OK, let’s say you have a lot of friends, and you constantly add new friends on Facebook, so keeping track of their birthdays can become a problem. How to use Google Calendar to see your friends’ birthdays and get notifications?

One solution is fdCal; there are plenty of articles on the Internet who claim that this solution works:

But I’ve also found a solution which seems much simpler and easy to use: grabbing the URL from Facebook birthdays page and adding it to Google Calendar;


  • Login to Facebook;
  • Visit Birthdays page;
  • Click on “Export Birthdays“;
  • Copy the URL;
  • Visit Google Calendar and login;
  • You should have a tab called “Other Calendars” and an “Add” link beneath it on the first page;
  • Click on “Add by URL”;
  • Paste the link from Facebook;
  • It’s best that you click on the arrow at the right of the calendar you’ve just added, and click on “Notifications”; there you can select how you want to be notified by friend’s birthdays; unfortunately, there have been some problems with notifications (they seem to come much earlier than expected);

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