A favorite quote of mine – Captain Jack ROSS: “I represent the government of the United States without passion or prejudice” – A few good men (1992)

I like the movie “A few good men” (1992) quite a lot, it’s one of my favorite movies, though not as much as “Le notti di Cabiria” (1957).

There’s a quote in the movie that really moves me:

Captain Jack ROSS: Don’t you dare lump me in with Jessup and Kendrick just because we wear the same uniform. I’m your friend and I’m telling you, I don’t think your clients belong in jail but I don’t get to make that call! I represent the government of the United States without passion or prejudice and my client has a case! Now I want you to acknowledge that the Judge Advocate has made you aware of the possible consequences of accusing a Marine officer of a felony without proper evidence.

and especially this part:

Captain Jack ROSS: […] I represent the government of the United States without passion or prejudice […]!.

Why do I like it so much? Well, just like the quote from “Terminator 3: rise of the machines” (2003) that I’ve previously told you about, this quote is about principles.

Simply put, it’s just an affirmation of a man’s value on Earth. In this case, Captain Jack ROSS says he represents the Government of the United States in such a way that it really moves me: without passion or prejudice.

What’s there to like?

  • First is the lack of passion; no emotions, no you; you substitute yourself to let the values, principles and morale of others run through you; you’re just a vessel; sure, you interpret, you think, you make decisions; but they’re, as much as they can be within a human condition, without any passion;
  • Then there’s the lack of connections to the past; sure, as a lawyer, Jack ROSS must know the past, with its the history, but he must act without having a bias on the present through the view of the past; yes, he can use data from the past; no, he can’t start with pre-made assumptions.

This is, somehow, the essence of life: representing a set of core values, which you choose to yourself, and applying them without passion or prejudice.

My name is Olivian BREDA, and in the words of Captain Jack ROSS I say that I want so much to represent my inner values without passion or prejudice.


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