How to answer to the „How are you?” question?

Sometimes, quite often actually, I’m being asked – „How are you?”. Some thoughts on how to answer this?

  • There are two aspects:
    • What are you doing, overall? How’s life treating you, all-in-all? (also, included in these, are future plans; so, what happened recently, of high importance, in your life, but, also, what will soon happen)
    • How are you doing, at the moment? How are you feeling? Where are you headed, what’s the „now” moment?
  • Some people answer the question „I’m fine.”. I generally prefer to answer a bit broader than that. If I haven’t talked to the person for a few weeks or more, I will say more things about my life, if that person already knows what’s up in my life I will focus on what am I doing at the moment.
  • In Romanian, we ask „Ce faci?” / „What are you doing?”. One funny answer I read in a magazine, by Dan Perjovschi: „I’m leaving!” („Plec!”).
klygror - You are not alone ..
klygror – You are not alone ..,

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