Hollywood Heart – the voluntary project that can change a world, starting small

Short history: In March, 2011, I went to a meeting of Young Professionals Academy. In short, the project was a non-formal school for improving personal abilities of the participants. To better learn things, the team also had to do a project. And what project would impact the lives of others more than a project for institutionalized kids? Two people had two different ideas (a carnival and a series of workshops). It all seemed like a regular day up until this point – a typical gathering of people getting some rather typical ideas. And then everything changed. Marc JENNER told us about a project in the United States which really left me amazed. The other participants agreed that it was a good idea, and Șansă pentru rolul vieții (a chance for the role of a lifetime) was born in Romania, after the project Hollywood Heart in the USA.

What’s the project about?
Hollywood Heart is a project founded in 1995 by David GALE, Executive Vice President of MTV New Media and Specialty Films Division.

The association has three projects, among which is „The movie team„.

The aim of the project is to help any child who wants to experience the magic of filmmaking. The organization benefits from volunteering work from professional screenwriters, directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, make-up artists, and costume designers.

Kids can actively participate in challenges of filmmaking. The impact? They can feel productive, collaborative, creative and proud.

Children brainstorm for script ideas; learn about plot, dialogue, and theme; create their costumes and make-up design; learn how to use camera and sound equipment; design props and scenery and finally star in their very own original film.

Once the movie is complete, the kids and their families go to an exclusive screening and after-party and they get a DVD copy of their film. They have made over 50 short films.

The project went from New York and Las Vegas to South Africa, and they are currently looking for opportunities in Argentina and India.

You can read on their web site about a project in Africa, or see the document below:

And a video:

What to do next? You might want to donate on their web site: Hollywood Heart.

Final note: I post things related to NGOs here: ONG in Romania – Yahoo Groups.

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