What should a good SEO do? (Hint: it’s not just SEO anymore)

From time to time, I see people doing SEO trying to get better. My argument is that, after a while, you get very little returns by improving and focusing on SEO only, and big rewards and gains by having a more holistic approach to learning (being interested in other fields than just plain SEO).

Some thoughts:

  • SEO is hard and takes time to learn. But, after a while, you get diminishing returns by focusing on SEO only.
  • At some point, it’s very well that you know the theory behind the hn tags, for example. But the question remains – can you take a valid decision, based on other factors than SEO only? Hn tags are controversial, and you have to decide to pick a theory in favor of another. How do you pick?
  • At SMX London this year, Jim Sterne said an online marketer should learn to play theater.
  • It matters a lot what you know about the world around you, how do you take decision, how prepared are you to take decisions based on your values, how motivated you are at implementing changes. You also have to know communication, have empathy and deeply understand the result of your actions. All that are much more than knowing what a server request is.

Rand Fishkin agrees:

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