How to get feed-back? How to become a better you via feed-back? How to get an opinion?

  • One way is to ask for feed-back – „Hey, could you tell me your impression on …”. Do this for a while, and you will get some feed-back from various people.
  • Another way is to start to listen. You, most likely, do get some feed-back in your day-to-day activities. People do tell you things. But most people tend to ignore this. Stop it.
  • Finally, in order to get feed-back you may wish to get into a relationship. You see, the feed-back you get from a total stranger is much different than the feed-back you receive from a person you spend months, years, decades with. The feed-back in a relationship will be much more profound than the feed-back you get from a stranger. Why?
    • Your partner knows you better.
    • In a relationship, things are a lot like in childhood. Much easier to say things out when you are a child. (a bit joking, it seems I am actually at that level) :)


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