Alin Gherman – CEO of Nobel Technologies, Olivia Vereha – co-founder of Code for Romania, Ioana Vieru – Marketer, Alex Glod – storyteller and TEDx speaker, Andrei Lasc – creative director at Cu Substrat are coming to FUN X

Bucharest, June 11, 2021: Alin Gherman- CEO Nobel Technologies, Olivia Vereha– co-founder & chief of operations at Code for Romania; Alex Glod– storyteller, trainer and TEDx speaker, Ioana Vieru – Marketer and Andrei Lasc – Creative Director at Cu Substrat Agency are the speakers for this new edition of FUN Bucharest.


Their career stories will be heard on Thursday, June 17th, 2021, starting at 19:00, offline, at Mercato Kultur. Event tickets are available here. According to regulations, access is permitted based on the vaccination certificate or based on the negative result of a PCR test performed no earlier than 72 hours before the start of the event.

Fuckup Nights brings a constructive perspective on professional failures, it encourages learning from difficult situations, and it boosts creativity.

,, The tenth edition of FUN Bucharest arrives as a cool summer breeze, urging us to become curious and reminding us that we can only succeed if we go through failure without losing our enthusiasm. Failure makes us all the more interesting and it makes us perform better. We bring together professionals from different industries to explore various, but rarely discussed, experiences, and thus become wiser and more inspired. This is the delight of Fuckup Nights: it reminds us that we are all human and that failure can be a source of strength and a stepping stone to progress „, says Diana Iosu, organizer of Fuckup Nights Bucharest.

The moderator will be the radio and television journalist Julia Nagy.

„Failure is among the best of friends anyone can have. I can say that the fear of failure is something I struggle with every day. But it’s a positive struggle, which, in the long run, helps me self-evaluate in a much healthier way in terms of what I am able or unable to do, it makes me take more calculated risks and be balanced on every level. As long as the fear of failure does not become a constant enemy, blocking you from achieving your goals, it can be a reliable ally”, says Olivia Vereha, Co-Founder Code for Romania.

Alex Glod, Storyteller and TEDx Speaker, says that, somewhere along the way and without realizing it, we tend to integrate the notion that once you’re successful you can’t afford to fail. „All entrepreneurship success stories speak about failure, but only at the beginning of the story, there is no talk of the constant tango between failure and success throughout your career”, adds Alex Glod.

Andrei Lasc, Creative Director at Cu Substrat, will also share his story about professional trials and tribulations: “For me, failure is about what I imagined vs. how it happened. As I am a man of a rich imagination, it took me a minute to accept that not everything had to happen exactly as I imagined and that at times it is precisely that difference that makes everything all the more enchanting. As time goes on, I realize that most of the times I perceive something as being a failure only if the others see it that way. Otherwise, it’s simply an exploration, an experiment that turned out differently than I expected, one that taught me something.”

Alin Gherman is thinking of his very first failures, back when he was a child: „Well done, A!” or „Sit down, F!”? When I got an „A” I liked it. I also got „Fs” and I seem to remember these more clearly; I didn’t like it that much. Luckily, I passed every time. School conditions our expectations to „Well done, A!” „. But life is full of the unexpected and when we think we have it all figured out and wețll get an A the unexpected shows up and we fail the exam. Faced with exam fear, you have 2 alternatives: you close down in the status quo and stay where you are or you manage to change your perception of „Sit down, F”. And that’s how you grow, personally and professionally, that’s how you get ready for the next challenge.

Failure is inevitable in every aspect of life. I have learned not to take it so seriously. Instead, I try to identify the lesson, experiment, and move forward.” explains Ioana Vieru.

With a background in communication and User Experience Design, Olivia Vereha has dedicated her time, since 2016, to coordinate the programs of Code for Romania, a civic technology organization that brings to life digital solutions to social problems, as inspired by the Code for America movement. Passionate about technology and how the digital can shape and improve people’s daily lives, Olivia is aiming for a deep understanding of human behaviors while interacting with the online.

For more than 8 years, Alex Glod has been working with leaders, marketers and professionals in the corporate and NGO sector to help them tell their stories in an impactful way, connect them with their audiences and give them a memorable experience. He is an expert in Storytelling applied to Public Speaking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, in participatory methods such as World Cafe, Open Space and Appreciative Inquiry. He has been a TEDx speaker three times at TEDx University of Piraeus 2015, TEDx Bacău 2015 and TEDxCaleaDomnească 2018 and has over 33,000 students online on Udemy.

Andrei Lasc creates worlds out of words and pixels. You may know him from Cu substrat, Poevie and you may have smiled at one of the campaigns he has created for Bookster, Frufru or Universum. Currently, he also collaborates with Teach for Romania, JDE, Alten, Greenpeace, Silva, Uber and EY. Depending on the brief, he delivers from DTP to complex campaigns, juggling short but clever texts and minimalist graphics. He works with both NGOs and corporate clients, and some of his campaigns have been bilingual (RO & ENG).

With 20 years of business and over 15 years of management experience, Alin Gherman drives Nobel Technologies strategy and product directions since 2015. A journey throughout his career and his expertise in corporate structuring and strategic growth brought him the reputation of a business leader.

Ioana Vieru leads the Brand & Marketing operations for Visa in Romania. Her passion for Marcomm industry was consolidated as she was a student at IAA Young Professionals, where she later became a Board Member and Marketing Director. Her ambition is to constantly grow, inspire and be inspired by people and ideas, thus adding value and authenticity to everything she engages with.
Fuckup Nights Bucharest, part of the series of events that take place globally, targets equally small and big entrepreneurs, corporate people, professionals, and students. This rapidly expanding global movement promotes, through the power of the speakers’ example, the constructive conclusions drawn from professional failures.

The events are now taking place in 321 cities in 90 countries around the world. Speakers from different areas of interest such as business, culture, entertainment, sports, etc. are invited to each edition, who briefly informally tell their career stories.

Each of the previous editions of Fuckup Nights Bucharest is summarized here: Vol I, Vol II, Vol III & Vol VI.

The event’s partners are FAN Courier, Guerrilla Radio, Complice, Fonduri Structurale, Learning Network, Bizilve, Psychologies, Kooperativa Fru Fru, IQAds, SMARK, Sandler Training,Think Events, Holograma 3D and Zepelin Production.


More details about the event are available on the dedicated page and Facebook:



About DiFine PR

DiFine PR is a full-service communication agency that combines the solid experience of the team, for over 20 years, both nationally and internationally, with the satisfaction of creating success stories. In addition to full PR, communication, and business consulting services, the agency also organizes technology and business events (eg NASA Space Apps Challenge, TechFest), as well as conferences, the most recent concept added to the list being the series of informal events Fuckup Nights Bucharest. The current portfolio of the agency’s clients includes the business consulting company McKinsey & Company, the GapMinder VC Investment Fund, Black Sea Fund, Growceanu, the Techcelerator startup accelerator, Bitcoin Romania, Undelucră platform, ClujHub, the bpv Grigorescu Ștefănică law firm, educational business “Informal IT School” and several technology startups.





Diana Iosu

Corporate Communication Senior Advisor, DiFine PR


Alin Gherman - CEO of Nobel Technologies, Olivia Vereha - co-founder of Code for Romania, Ioana Vieru – Marketer, Alex Glod – storyteller and TEDx speaker, Andrei Lasc - creative director at Cu Substrat are coming to FUN X

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