About Frozen II (2019)

Yes, I’m a 38 years old male who watches kids’ cartoons. And I really enjoy them, too. I like some cartoons better than „actual” movies.


Some things about Frozen II (2019)Trailer?

  • It has a lot of connections to Frozen (2013), even a little too much. Like love & marriage, „you can’t have one without the other”.
  • Speaking of marriage, I’ve read an opinion, that in Frozen (2013) the princess doesn’t want to get married. In the 2019 version of the movie, Anna plays a game with dolls getting married, and all Kristoff thinks is marriage. You can’t accuse them of not thinking of marriage anymore. „You want marriage? You can have it!”
  • Things move fast. Very intense, lots of ideas. Bam-bam-bam! Everything is fast.
  • The songs are nice, but not so much. I liked that there were lots of songs, but they weren’t so good quality.
  • I liked the connections Christmas – Lights – White.
  • Some lessons for the young viewers of the movie – „Do this, don’t do that”.
  • A few things with political correctness, but not over the board.
  • Superb visuals.
  • Great quote: „I can’t stay mad at you. You’re so cute.”
  • I found the script great. Unexpecting things, new solutions, great thoughts.
  • Immersion & empathy with the characters were great. I felt the cold and the emotions.
  • Elsa was very elegant & classy. Anna was warmer & friendlier. You have options, there is no perfect princess.
  • I didn’t find it a children’s movie.
  • Also, it was a rather dark movie. Positive conclusions, but dark atmosphere.
  • The dam had an ecological aspect to it. „Let’s save the planet”. Not bad, as a lesson, but a bit forced.
  • After „Life of Pi” (2012), I liked the visuals of this movie the most.
  • I enjoyed the spectacle of an ice horse running through the snow and water.
  • Olaf is not at all silly and not intelligent, but rather very surprising. It’s the trickster from Carl Jung’s philosophy – he says things which provoke you, even if they seem strange and silly at the beginning.
  • A quote I liked: „My love is not fragile”.
  • One of the lessons of the movie is that insisting, pushing, being optimistic, joining the game brings more results than analyzing. Go where the action is (the main characters), be optimistic and talk a lot (Olaf), you will get some results by doing so.
  • One major issue: the script, smart, the characters, great play of actors, graphics, great, but there was no main idea. Olaf claims at the end of the movie that they all grew a bit, but I didn’t find any reason for growth for most characters. What was ALL the movie about? No single clear idea.
  • I think I would rate this movie right after „Inside Out” (2015). Not a 10, but surely a well-deserved 9.

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