On “Friends” (TV Series, 1994–2004)

I’ve seen most of the episodes of Friends (TV Series, 1994–2004) at least once. Today, I watched again the last three episodes. Some thoughts about it? (with spoilers!)

Unfortunately, when information exposure is constant and ceaseless, our ability to hold onto information naturally diminishes. In fact, as colleagues and I demonstrated in a recent study, individuals asked to binge-watch the entire season of a television series remembered significantly less about the plot and characters than individuals who watched the same series on a nightly or weekly schedule.

Jared Cooney Horvath, “Is Modern Media Destroying Our Memories?” at The Scientist (May 1, 2020)

via:What Neuroscientists Now Know About How Memories Are Born and Die | Mind Matters

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Andrei Pleșu:

Sînt de părere că Las Fierbinți bate majoritatea serialelor – mai mult sau mai puțin „haioase“ – ale unor producători români sau străini „pretențioși“. (Sînt gata să fac amendă onorabilă doar în favoarea cîtorva puține reușite din aceeași categorie, care m-au distrat copios: Seinfeld și Friends)

First, a quote (on saying goodbye to everyone else, except Ross, episode 16, season 10):

– Fine, then why didn’t you say something?
– Because it is too damn hard, Ross! I can’t even begin to explain to you how much I’m gonna miss you. When I think about not seeing you everyday, it makes me not want to go… Okay, so if you think that I didn’t say goodbye to you because you don’t mean as much to me as everybody else, … you’re wrong. It’s because you mean more to me.

  • The quote tore me in half. It really moved me when I’ve seen it, I remembered it, and now it helped me understand a thing in my past a little better.
  • I cried today, as at other times, likely, when I saw the ending of “Friends”. I haven’t watched the movie for a long time, but, still, it brings me memories. I’m fond of the characters.
  • Even if I watched the ending a few times, and some episodes more than a single time, I forgot a lot of things in the movie. I can’t remember much of the script.
  • I think the movie is silly, silly jokes, silly script, at times too in-your-face, aggressive with the jokes, sillier than a cartoon for little children. Yet, these exaggerated emotions are fond to me, they make me understand the world better, and I’m attracted to them like something nice from my past. The movie is part of me.
  • I wouldn’t watch the movie again, it’s too simple, I’ve already seen it at least once, I know what to expect. But the emotions brought up by the movie are nice. I don’t know why the movie is called “Friends”. It should be “Part of the family”. You get that close to the characters.
  • There isn’t a specific character I like, I identify myself closest to Chandler Bing, and I really like Rachel. But all the characters are nice, and part of the circle of friends.
  • I like the intro quite a lot: Friends – Intro [HQ]. I wouldn’t want to skip it when the movie begins.
  • I’ve read an article recently it which it said we remember more and integrate more things into our lives if we watch a TV series not at once, but one per day or so (see the quote at the beginning of this blog post). Still, I’d like to watch “Friends” all day for the emotions, not to learn new jokes. Yes, I understand that restrictions and limits might actually increase the pleasure, but I find it hard to get bored with “Friends”. Yes, it’s silly, at times, but I like it so much …

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