– small site review in 20 tips & tricks

Hello, in this blog post I give some tips & tricks for the web site.

What I like about the web site?

1. The web site uses little colors, very nice for the eye;
2. The web site structure is simple and clear, easy to navigate;
3. The language is straightforward, easy to comprehend;

What can be further improved?

1. You write „creeaza” with one „e” only, which is a big mistake; you write this two times;
2. You use this as a title:
„Pe site-ul nostru se pot face simplu si usor:
Formulare de contact, de comanda, sau chestionare!”
Unfortunately, the first row is written in a small font, and without reading it, the second row makes little sense;
3. You say your forms are compatible with operating systems; huh? How can a web form be compatible or not with Windows or Linux? Just say it can be viewed in most major browsers (or all, if that’s the case), and that’s it; I don’t visit a web site with an operating system, I visit it with a browser;
4. You explain Captcha (without capital letters, which is also a mistake) as a spam stopper; I’d be more explicit and say how Captcha works;
5. I think it would also be advisable to speak about problems of using captcha; I personally am not in favor of using them for comments or newsletter subscription; it’s your job as a web site owner to solve the SPAM problem, not mine, the end-user;
6. The „create a new account” and „Forgot password” functions are not too much connected with the login function;
7. The bookmark option doesn’t work in FireFox;
8. You should explain in non-technical terms what you mean by this:
„Nu trebuie modificat cod HTML sau PHP”;
9. This is not explained properly:
„Copy paste catre site-ul tau”;
How can this be a benefit? You should say something like:
„Instalare foarte rapida, doar un copy & paste”;
10. You should explain on the homepage why I need to create an account to have a form; this is, in my opinion, a bit wrong, I shouldn’t be forced to do that; it’s just an online form, don’t force me to have an account on your web site;
11. You say that I can process online payments on your web site; you should help me with security information on this issue;
12. The web site has, at the very top, a „Share this web site” button; why do I need the button right after I visit the web site? Show me this button at the bottom of the page, or somewhere in a sidebar;
13. The correct punctuation for this:
„word ( word ) word” is this:
„word (word) word”;
As you see, no spacing inside the brackets;
14. You have translated „logged in” as „logat”, but you haven’t translated „login” as „logat”; why the difference?
15. You refer to „username” as both „username” and „cont”; why the difference?
16. How can you be so sure that:
„Formularul va fi functional!”?
What if I don’t have access to my data and I can’t insert a form? What if I can’t put PHP code on my web site? What if the PHP engine I have has errors? How can you totally say that the form will be functional?
17. You say your web site is compatible with all of the social web sites; you only list a few web sites in there, some of them hardly used in Romania – or Xanga, for example;
18. You have the logo of a Macintosh, which is a computer hardware, and say that it is an operating system; the correct version would be, in this case, Mac OS;
19. The contact page is too shallow, you should also have a personalized email address, a contact person, a phone number;
20. You don’t have an „about us” page, which would be an interesting part of the web site.

Bottom line: is a very nicely built web site, with lots of great functions.

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