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How to find out whether a Romanian online store is flexible or not?

In this blog post I’ll presume that you buy something from an online store in Romania and something bad happens (an unpredictable thing). I’ll give you two hints into discovering which online store can help you pass that unpredictable situation in a good manner.

That’s simple, I can give you two solutions for that:
1. Contact that online store via email and tell them you have a problem with the warranty of a product; See the response time, the way they handle the situation, the solution they offer to you; You’ll get a glimpse on what’s behind that store before you use it; You can use a fake e-mail for this;
2. Ask the store owner for a less-than-usual solution; I personally asked two online stores for this: I wanted to gradually buy all the components from that online store, they should keep them for a 6 weeks tops, and when I get all those components, they should assembly my PC; One store was reluctant and answered my query after about two weeks, the other one answered fast and agreed to my request (it was a computer worth about 5-600 Euros and the store was not the cheapest in town).

Both solution can fail: the owners of those stores can lie to you and only claim that they will solve the warranty and only claim that they will help you (pretend that they are in fact trustworthy when they’re not). But in most cases, I think that these are good solutions to find out how the employees of an online store will treat you.

Oh, and you can also just ask for this information from other sources (from real friends to virtual communities), you don’t really have to find out this on your own.

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