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From 2005 until 2015, for almost 10 years, I lived in the same space in Bucharest. I got a nice place to live in, I was happy with the overall conditions, I kept the place because I enjoyed the deal.

Between 2015-2016 I lived in London in an apartment in a house. Close to the job, close to the Tube, very nice conditions. Other things paled when compared with these.

From 2018 to 2020 I lived in an apartment in Bucharest. The main benefit? 10 minutes close to the job. Even after the job position changed, it was still very close.

When I chose a Master’s program in 2016, I chose one close to home (Năvodari), useful to my career (IT), and from a good University (Ovidius).

In 2018, I chose another Master’s. Close to home, in IT again, and from the private University considered to be the best there is (Titu Maiorescu).

What’s a key element? Focus on the important things, and the rest will follow. Choose a house close to work, the rest of the things are secondary.

Avoid going out to restaurants if you want to live cheaply, and other things will follow.

Read books if you want to do self-development. What books? You’ll discover that yourself as time passes.

Watch movies and confront yourself to pop culture if you want to keep an engaging conversation. You’ll be better with this as time passes.

But if you keep focusing on important things, others will follow.

Timothy Valentine - Summit Stairway
Timothy Valentine – Summit Stairway,

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