Failsafe Internet

Internet with a failsafe solution – in Năvodari, when I don’t have electricity at home, this also happens on the staircase hall, within the block of flats. There is a router in there, so if I don’t have electricity in my house, there’s no cable Internet.

My solution? I connect to my mobile.

An optimal solution? I think it’s best to have two connections to the Internet.

The poorest solution – „there is no Internet, we’re not doing anything.”

Large companies, which depend on Internet, are looking at a backup solution that costs 30-50 lei per month, and an initial investment in a router that is capable of handling two connections to the net at the same time.

For example, such a router would allow an immediate failsafe – if there is no Internet, another connection would take over immediately.

HD - Internet
HD – Internet,

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