Q: „My WordPress blog post doesn’t have an image on Facebook! What to do?” A: Visit Facebook Developers

Lets’s say you have a WordPress blog and you want to write a blog post.

You write it, you publish it, and when you post the link to the blog post on Facebook, it looks like this:


, although you’ve taken every measure to have og:image, og:title and the rest implemented correctly (How To Add Open Graph Meta Tags To WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog).

You try to refersh Facebook, you clear the cache on your blog, and nothing happens. You know that if you will wait, after a while, things solve by themselves, and the image appears. But you want a quick solution. How to solve it?

Therefore, you Google the problem, to find out about this web site (Object Debugger):

, and you add your URL in there

, only to find out that now, on Facebook, your links looks properly:

See, it wasn’t so hard now, was it? :)

See a video with the whole process:

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