Follow-up: What I learned at Entrepreneurship and Ethics conference, ASE Bucharest, 2009.10.14?

On the 14th of October, 2009, I went at the Entrepreneurship and Ethics conference, held at ASE Bucharest, 2013 class room. What did I learn in there?
Some photos I made at the event:
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A. Scott BARKLEY – What does it takes to be an entrepreneur

See his presentation. I’ve made a video with him at the end (so this is not his presentation):

Some things he said at the event:
– If you go from a seminar with one thing learned well, then that time is well spent;
– Romanians are great and resiliant people; The future is bright;
– Success isn’t a magic bullet;

B. Chris SMITH

C. Viorel SPINU – It’s easy to build a start-up

(personal web site, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
See his presentation. I’ve made a video with him:

What I remembered?
– Running a business is common sense;
– You should ask others: „Would you buy my products?”;
– Is your business in a competitive market? That’s great, this implies you are in a business that can actually sell products;
– It’s better to write things down, rather than just remembering things;
– It’s best to have a plan for the future, even if it’s not 100% accurate;
– You should convince yourself that your projections can be met;
– Rather than building the perfect product, you should do the simplest solution that actually works;
– If your procedures don’t allow you to put an idea online faster than 10 minutes, then something’s wrong;
– Some things to consider asking yourself every morning: What have you done yesterday? What will you do today? What stops you to reach your goals?

D. Larry YOUNG – Business Ethics

See his presentation. I’ve made a video with him:

Larry recommended two books as a necessary reading for every entrepreneur:

Great things to know:
– Learning by distance is cheaper, more effective and easier than having to provide training services face-to-face;
– You should believe that you can make 1M (million) USD/EUR with your business;
– If you aim and shoot at nothing, you’re going to hit it every time;
– „The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people” – quote by Theodore ROOSEVELT;
– You must tell the customer the truth;
– You must accept the consequences, even for your employees;

You can learn more about the event on the web site (1 and 2). Also see Viorel SPINU’s message.

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