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How to subscribe via email to RSS feeds?

You know the story – you see a web site, it offers subscription via RSS. You go – „Oh, I’d like so much to subscribe. But it’s only RSS, and I don’t use it”.

You have two options:

  • Start using a RSS reader application (there are plenty, I personally use Google Reader);
  • You find an option to convert the RSS feed to an email form;

I’ll talk about the latter option.

A. You can have an easy option:
Real-time RSS feeds – RSS to email – Feed My Inbox

Very, very easy to do.

B. Sophisticated, but very powerful (lots of subscribers, easy-to-manage list with lots of users):
RSS-to-Email | MailChimp (I recommend using this subject line, or a similar one – *|RSSITEM:TITLE|* – (*|RSSFEED:DATE:Y/m/d|*))

C. Classical, hard to set-up by beginners:
Google’s FeedBurner (you need a Google Account, choose to burn a feed, publicize => email subscriptions => activate this service => you visit the URL for the service itself and you subscribe via your own email address; a bit complicated). For my blog, I use this solution, I find it reliable.

Other complicated solutions are comparisons of these services:

Happy reading.

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