Rompetrol’s unique selling proposition (USP) for selling a generic good

Let’s say you’re Rompetrol, a company which, mainly, produces and sells gas. There are quite a few sellers. How to differentiate? You create a gas (Efix) which is different than others. Not much, but enough to make a small difference. You advertise this, and you can sell this gas with a premium. After all, you’re the sole distributor.

You create, thus, your blue ocean. You don’t compete with others, you have created a market for yourself. Good strategy.

See the clip, I’ll comment it below:

It starts by saying “I am Efix. And I more than a quality fuel”. It’s a differentiator right from the start. Then we bring in authority – “I (note – notice again, the individuality) have been tested and perfected in Germany” (home of BMW, Mercedes and Audi). It continues: “Using a latest technology, I know how to protect an engine, how to clean its valves and injectors, how to reduce fuel consumption and increase engine’s performance” (What’s in it for me? Security, performance – aspirational desire, and cost of usage). The ending summarizes things: “Efix (note – individuality) – the (note, again, the indvidiuality, it’s the one) fuel which protects the engine” (it induces fears – as if the engine needs protection and you can only get it with Efix, it makes them individual – “only us”). It doesn’t need to be scientific. There’s a note at the end of the ad which says “Tests made in September 2013 – January 2014 in a lab certified and accredited in Germany”. What lab? Who financed the tests? Where they scientifically accurate? Who verified the process? It suffice to know that the lab was from Germany.

The web site doesn’t add much value to this. Keep the message simple. The name follows the same patter – it fixes things. The “e” is from “e-commerce”, “e-mail”, it’s a modern twist (remember – the latest technologies). Efix – modern fixing of things. Simple, four letters.

Very good marketing, you differentiate (and state you are the only provider), you create a fear (protect the engine), you claim performance (certified by authority), savings. The buyer has little choice but to buy the product. No fluffy stuff – “tested in Germany, be afraid of others, we protect you and save you money. Buy!” Simple message, high impact.


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