Domain name and Hosting expiry – An important factor to consider when thinking about owning a website

I know people losing domain names for not extending the registration on time.

I also know people losing the hosting of their websites.

Some tips:

  • Don’t buy a lot of domain names. Focus on having one or two per entity (person, company). If needed, create subfolders ( and install in there a separate WordPress.
  • When registering a domain and later, when extending the registration, don’t buy it for one year or two, buy it for a lot of years at once. The same criteria for hosting, although in general, it’s less important, if you have a backup.
  • Put a memo for when the domain name/hosting expires.
  • Use for registration data for a domain name/hosting an email address you’re sure you’ll check 4 years later, or whenever the hosting/domain name registration expires.
  • Have a periodical backup of a WordPress database automatically saved via a plugin.
  • Manually backup website files from time to time. Alternatively, choose a hosting provider that offers backup of the files.

Harald Felgner - Zotter Chocolate, Riegersburg, Austria
Harald Felgner – Zotter Chocolate, Riegersburg, Austria,

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