About “A Dog’s Journey” (2019)

Some thoughts & emotions on “A Dog’s Journey” (2019)?

  • I really liked hearing Olaf’s voice as the main character of the movie (the dog).
  • The movie was quite predictable.
  • I thought the script was rather simple, silly at times, I always felt I could know what would happen next.
  • The ending was tear-jerking. It made me cry.
  • The actors played well.
  • I paid special attention to how the dog in a scene acted, and I frequently thought – “How did they do this?”.
  • There is some kind of movies I tend to watch more. This is one of this kind.
  • Some of the ideas in the movie were innovative. The typical kind of movie with dogs? This one was a bit different, although the script was predictable.
  • I give the movie a 10/10 grade.

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