Diacritics and SEO

You may notice that in some languages you can write the same word with special characters or not: French: ça va bien? French: ca va bien? German: uber alles German: über alles Romanian: romaneasca Romanian: românească You can write in a language with diacritics: ç, ü, â, ă, or you can write without them: c, u, a, a. What to do? First of all, what is the simplistic way of solving the dilemma? The simplistic way of thinking goes like this: Users tend to type without diacritics. Google puts a very tiny small advantage for exact matching things. Thus, for SEO purposes, it’s always better to write without diacritics. Unfortunately, Internet marketing is not about gathering 100 visitors into your web site, it’s more about creating a community with 10 people. And if you have this in mind, the perspective shifts from simplistic, to “there are other factors, also”. So, what other factors are there? Usability – pro – in my opinion, this is the most important factor out there. If I am French, I care about my language, I am proud to speak my language. Writing with diacritics is the correct way. Usability – con – unfortunately, if you type with diacritics, you can’t be 100% sure that your text will appear correctly on every imaginable device / browser / country. Sometimes, it may show like this: □a va bien? / □ber alles / rom□neasc□. It doesn’t happen that often, but it’s a factor also. Usability – neutral. Some people like reading texts with diacritics, others are very … Continuă lectura Diacritics and SEO