Deep love for others

There is more than one kind of love for other entities:

  • You can love God.
  • You can love yourself.
  • You can love close relatives, in a context you are born with.
  • You can love your friends.
  • You can love foreigners.
  • You can love certain actions (like hobbies, or eating chocolate).
  • You can love your significant other.

Out of all these types of love, I think the love for your significant other is one has some specifities.

  • It is a close love, like the love for relatives. It’s not for something which you can’t see (God), or for someone you can’t very close with (foreigners, even friends).
  • It usually takes a large part in your life.
  • It may transform you as a person.

I once read in a newspaper / magazine about a priest / monk who, when people were coming to confess, right prior to getting married, he asked them: „Do you love your significant other?”. The priest / monk said that if the answer came after a long pause, he was more confident that the marriage would last. If the answer came quickly, it was more likely that the marriage will not last very long.

Last evening, I went to watch „Romania’s diary: Constanza” play. During it, I found about this habit:

Muslim couples do not generally recite vows but rather listen to the words of the imam, or cleric (although any adult male Muslim may officiate), who speaks about the significance of the commitment of the marriage and the couple’s responsibilities toward each other and Allah. The bride and groom are asked three times if they accept each other in marriage according to the terms of their traditional marriage contract, or Nikah. Wedding Vows: Muslim Wedding Vows

It was even said that the questions would be asked 3 times, but only received an answer the third time they were told.

This is one of the deepest proof of deep love I know about.

Eugene Lim – City Mosque,

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