Follow-up: What have I learned at CSR ’10 – Pulling in the Right Direction, 2010.05.25-26, InterContinental Hotel

On 25th and 26th of May 2010, I went to InterContinental Hotel for CSR ’10 – Pulling in the Right Direction conference. The event was organized by Saga Business & Community. What have I learned?

Some notes:

  • There are no true green products; any product does some ecological damage;
  • You shouldn’t put more than 20% investment in communication of a CSR activity; 80% for actual implementation; communication can be very cheap and almost free;
  • Any product can be recycled, it’s not a competitive advantage to say “this product is 100% recyclable”;
  • Customers are smart;
  • Customers have methods to establish if you really do eco actions; there are web sites to check this up;
  • For a Facebook profile, it’s best to have a private passions (in which you may say about political views, sports that you do, niche bands) and public passions (things like ecology); in a business environment, it’s best to have a list of public passions;

Photos from the event:
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