Competitive advantage in business

Mostly, it’s work hard. To do so, you generally need to:

  • Be healthy (eat right, do sports, rest well, avoid stress).
  • Do self-improvement on various areas (reading, doing things better).
  • Work when you don’t feel like working (have the power to say “Go! Go! Go!”, when you just don’t feel like this anymore).

But, all-in-all, it’s about work. I’ve been to Năvodari these days, met some colleagues. Some thoughts:

  • You can be the smartest in your generation (self-improvement), and, due to the fact you don’t like to work hard, and only read as pleasure, don’t succeed.
  • You can be less-than-perfect in self-development, but over-compensate by working hard. There’s a big need in the workforce for working hard.
  • You can be a good athlete, do some self-development, but if you don’t work hard, you’ll likely not succeed.
  • Even if you lack a good discipline to do sports, even if you don’t read as much, if you work hard you’ll likely do at least some level of sports, and at least some level of healthy living, and at least some level of reading, at least on your niche business.

All-in-all, succeeding is about hard work. (I might have said this before, I donno)

I have some real-life examples in my head when I say this.

Helmut Hess - Windmill @ work,
Helmut Hess – Windmill @ work,
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