About Coaching for performance, training with Catalin ZAHARIA, 2009.07.08

On 2009.07.08 I took part at a training with Catalin ZAHARIA from MindMaster, at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Studies, Bucharest. The event was organized by HR Club.

What I learned at the event?
a. Coaching, as a word, has an interesting origin; I ooked it up  and found out that coach as in basketball coach, began as a Hungarian cart;
b. Unlike training, coaching gives you a solution on how to do one thing;
c. Coaching is great when there’s a difference between:
i. What I wish and speak out loud; (commitment)
ii. What I actually do;
d. Try formulating things in a positive way;
e. Book to read: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t;
f. Movie to see: Home (with English Subtitles).

Pictures I took at the event:
[alpine-phototile-for-picasa-and-google-plus src=”user_album” uid=”100050990853086188413″ ualb=”5939906502047929745″ imgl=”fancybox” style=”wall” row=”4″ size=”640″ num=”100″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]

Bottom line: the training was very useful, I learned great things and, most of all, I did this while enjoying things; Great training, highly recommended.

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