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Try for jobs in the UK in SEO / PPC / SEM / Digital marketing!

I am now in London, with the great help of Natasha Woodford » from ».

You can read about my experience with finding a job here: Client-Side Technical SEO Manager recommends using clockworkTalent to find new job | clockworkTalent ».

I also introduced Eduard Șerbănoiu » to clockworkTalent team and he now has a job based on this recommendation: More kind words from a Digital Marketer…he’s landed his dream job! | clockworkTalent ».

clock-work Based on my own and Eduard’s success stories, I recommend you to give it a try.

They’re currently looking for:

You should also check out their social media channels, they post relevant things in there:

If you think this would help your application, you can contact me » to give you some tips and give you some additional information / reference.


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