Chocolate, sex, and money in the Bible

Long ago, I went to a conference.

The speaker said something in the line of:

You can see a man’s character in the way it has a relationship with three things – chocolate, sex, and money.

It was an instant „A-ha!” moment for me.

I kept thinking about that assertion long after that.

I won’t speak in this blog post about how I connect with these three things – it’s rather personal.

Instead, I want to say some things from the Bible.


Sure, in the Bible I don’t think that this is ever mentioned.

But there are some foods which might be similar.

Some ideas:



When I think of money, some things come to my mind:

Some conclusions

  • While sex is a no-no, for chocolate (or other foods) there are pros and cons. Food is not inherently good or bad. Also, money are not necessarily bad, but you need to know how to use them (generally, give them away; but also treat work with care – you need to be a good professional and invest your gifts/talents well).

Stanley Zimny - Golden Ceiling
Stanley Zimny – Golden Ceiling,

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