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Changing values and having dilemmas

Andrei Pleșu has some articles (RO) about dilemmas:

What’s my view on the matter?

I think there are some absolute values – not wanting to hurt anyone, trying to do good, fighting for a better world.

On another hand, when you act, some values go in opposite directions.

I tend not to work with companies in certain niches (gambling / casino / payday loans / smoking / erotic / unhealthy things, anything related to unhealthy food / drinks).

But what would happen in this scenario:

  • I would be offered a huge amount of money, with which I could help others?
  • The impact of my action would be small.

Luckily, this scenario rarely if ever happens, but it reminds me of some verses in „Jesus Christ Superstar”, in which Judas is persuaded by the following argument:

Think of the things you can do with that money
Choose any charity – give to the poor” (via »)

I truly believe that all men try to follow a set of values, whether I agree with them or not is another matter.

Yet another matter is what happens when values conflict.

Yet another matter is about a situation in which due to some circumstances (let’s say I drink too much), and I act against my common sense.

carnagenyc - Value
carnagenyc – Value,
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