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The most important thing you should avoid when writing a Press Release

I was thinking the other day what would be the one most important thing when writing a press release. Join me in my discovery.

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How to do basic search engine optimization? (no prior SEO experience required)

I am writing this blog post with one aim only: to help you, my reader, have a glimpse of what basic SEO is. I’ll also show you, at the end of the article, what full SEO means.

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Esti un ONG. Cum te promovezi?

Hai sa facem intai o distinctie:
a. Un mesaj e interesant pentru un public; (mesaj binevenit)
b. Un mesaj nu e interesant pentru un public; (mesaj gen SPAM).
In mesajul asta al meu eu incerc sa te invat sa scrii un mesaj binevenit.

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What’s the use of Google in Romania, according to StatCounter? 95%!

Stat counter data for RomaniaStat counter data for Romania

Source of image. I found about about the stats via Alex Chitu’s Google Operating System.

How to get great links?

I was reading today my favorite SEO blog – SEOmoz -,   when I saw an awsome blog post, with this video:

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – How to Get Awesome Links from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

This is the kind of blog post I’d show to any person interested in SEO link building.

Ce este SEO?

SEO – pronuntat diferit decat CEO :) – inseamna optimizare pentru motoarele de cautare A (search engine optimization). Afla in acest mesaj al meu despre ce inseamna SEO.

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Cum a castigat Barack OBAMA alegerile pe Internet?

Vorbesc in acest mesaj despre rolul Internetului in campania lui Barack Obama.

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How to have a Web 2.0 web site? Some practical examples

In this blog post I’ll speak about Web 2.0 and how to create a Web 2.0 web site. I’ll show you some things on technology, some things on structure of a web site and, finally, some things on emotions.

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