You’re Probably Making These CRO Mistakes

Note – Guest post by Ilan Nass from Taktical Digital (NYC).

Modern businesses spend a lot of time and money driving traffic to their websites. While getting traffic is important, businesses also need to make sure they are getting the most from the traffic they get.

This is where conversion rate optimization (CRO) comes in. With CRO, you define an action you want website visitors to take, and you design the page or conversion funnel in order to increase the chances that they will complete that action. For many websites, a conversion is a sale, but it could be actions like downloading your app, signing up for an account, subscribing to an email list or filling out a form.

CRO is one area where many new businesses have trouble. They have ideas about design that may not align well with the goals of their website or they just don’t know many of the best practices for a successful CRO strategy. With this post, you will learn more about some of the more common CRO mistakes start-ups make and some of the things you can do to avoid them.

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How to Build an Email List

Note: Guest post by Whitney Blankenship.

Your email marketing strategies are critical to your brand’s success, but they won’t take you far if you don’t have a strong email list.

This article will cover some of the most effective strategies for growing your email list organically and helping your campaigns succeed. You’ll have a much easier time achieving your email marketing goals once you have a large audience that’s highly engaged with your brand.

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Tip: create one-minute videos (2019.05.28)

Captain Video

After an idea from:, I will do more screencasts in the future on YouTube / Facebook.

The people from BlitzMetrics suggest videos around one minute, as a lot of people just watch the first 6 seconds of a video, and you need to engage people to watch the full minute.

See a video on this subject, below.

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How to see your connections who like a Facebook page?

Let’s say you want to find out some of your connections, either first degree (friends) or second or third degree (friends of friends) who like a certain Facebook page. How can you do this?

If you go directly to a page, let’s say Microsoft on Facebook, you’ll find there is no such way.

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Despre realizarea unui site, și ce contează cu adevărat când faci unul

Când oamenii se gândesc pentru prima oară la realizarea unui site pentru diferite lucruri (site-ul unui mic cabinet medical, site-ul care să reprezinte imaginea unui medic, site-ul unei clinici medicale, un site care să vândă produse medicale), imaginea care vine prima oară în minte e – “OK, ce am de învățat din punct de vedere tehnic fie pentru a îl crea, fie, mult mai frecvent, doar și pentru a păstra relația cu o entitate (freelancer / agenție) care să mi-l creeze?”. Apoi, o a doua imagine, care e folosită în comparația cu site-urile din piață este “OK, vreau din punct de vedere tehnic să aibă un slider (imagini care rulează una după alta), o secțiune de servicii, niște prețuri, o pagină despre, un formular de contact, o hartă”. Site-ul se face, în cele din urmă, de obicei cu dificultăți ceva mai mari decât apar estimările inițiale.

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Analiză: Topul cuvintelor căutate de români pe Google

De Centenarul Unirii, o analiză a unei agenții SEO din România a aflat cele mai căutate 100 de cuvinte de români pe Google. Studiul efectuat de SEOlium relevă că necesitățile de traducere sunt pe primul loc în relația cu motorul de căutare. 

Astfel, cuvântul „translare” (pe primul loc) și „traducere” (pe locul al treilea) sunt de departe cele mai căutate pe Google, fiind accesat de peste 7 milioane de ori. Pe poziția secundă vine preocuparea despre vreme: cuvântul „meteo” a fost căutat de peste 4 milioane de ori pe Google în primele 10 luni ale anului 2018. Simbolic sau nu, urmează cuvântul „libertate”, care a depășit borna de 1 milion de căutări.

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Why Content Marketing is About More Than SEO

(guest post by Patrick Foster)

SEO is certainly crucial to your content strategy, but it’s only a small slice of the content marketing pie.

Focusing all your content efforts on SEO is short-sighted and will harm your business. You want to create content outside of core SEO deliverables. 

Here are some of the reasons why content marketing should be about so much more than just chasing after organic traffic…  

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