How to add links to a webpage?

rapid links

Let’s say you have a website, and on it, a page X.

You want to rank high on Google with page X, and for this, you have two big options:

  • You either link to page X directly.
  • You link to other pages that link to X (so, an indirect link).

Which is better?

The links are to the page you want to rank with (say X).

Yes, if you make pages that link to page X, you can link to those pages, and indirectly, page X will help. But doing so will send very little value.

Ideally, if you want to get traffic to X, get links to X, not to the satellite pages of that page.

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Using Vimeo for event streaming

Captain Video

I imagine such a dialogue actually existed sometimes:

” – We use Vimeo for our online event streaming.

– But it doesn’t work properly, it often breaks, it doesn’t remember video quality resolution, on various browsers, there are various bugs!

– It doesn’t matter, we paid for it! It must be a premium service since we paid a premium.

– But YouTube is better.

– It doesn’t matter, it’s free, we want to pay for such a service.

– Make a donation to YouTube, and use YouTube!”

YouTube is one option. There are others, like Zoom / Teams / Google Meet.

Insisting on Vimeo, when so often it fails do deliver is poor management.

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Moving from invisible to visible things

It is important to be able to move from invisible to visible things. It’s important to be able to make this transfer.

For example, when you donate (my example, not his), or when you save, or when you have insurance.

It can be tempting to order a variety of products from Amazon in one order to reduce your shipping costs.

From personal experience, it is preferable to order relatively few products per order.

And, if possible, do not mix products sold by Amazon with third parties in a single order. It’s unpleasant to order again.

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