Despre cartea “eCommerce no Bull$#!t. Tot ce ai nevoie pentru a vinde online si vinde online”, de Cosmin Dărăban

Am citit cartea “eCommerce no Bull$#!t. Tot ce ai nevoie pentru a vinde online si vinde online”, scrisă de Cosmin Dărăban.

Mai jos, opiniile mele. Conțin spoilers!, dar este genul de carte la care dacă citești descrierea sau review-uri despre ea, poți să o citești, nu vei pierde din plăcerea lecturii. E un fel de ghid / manual / punct de plecare. Da, are și niște aspecte emoționale, dar consider că poți citi recenzia de mai jos fără să îți afecteze plăcerea lecturii.

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Ads with a heart

Crusty Da Klown - Bleeding Heart

In Romania, I’ve heard some times ago that ads that are emotional, with soul, are remembered better than those that speak about logic and demonstrations.

And what do a lot of advertisers do? They put a heart in their ads.

Lots of ads with a heart:

  • We save you money, not love – a supermarket.
  • The drugstore of the heart.
  • For the heart of Romanians – a beer.
  • Chocolate in the shape of a heart.
  • Print hearts and put them in a window – an additive to soups.
  • Health from the heart of Dacia – medicinal plants.

The list is surely bigger, but I don’t watch as many ads as I used to do.

The issue with all these? They’re mostly cognitive, not emotional.

Even if you say “This is from the heart”, this does not make the message emotional.

“From Russia, with love” (1963 movie) does have some emotional connections (Russia, love). But, still, it’s rather rational.

It’s not enough, in my opinion, to take the heart, put it in an ad – voilà, you have an emotional message.

Emotions come from memories (recalling an emotional event, like the connection with Russia, above), or from stories (“with love” will remind you of other times when people told you a thing like that).

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The best solution for multi-pagination with infinite scrolling

Miguel Tomas - FINITE

Google’s John Mueller created an example of a website with multi-pagination with infinite scrolling.

Check it out here ».

Also, via Google Developers (Google Search Central Blog):

The demo illustrates some key search-engine friendly points:
* Coverage: All individual items are accessible. With traditional infinite scroll, individual items displayed after the initial page load aren’t discoverable to crawlers.
* No overlap: Each item is listed only once in the paginated series (for example, no duplication of items).

Also see: Google Offers SEO Recommendations For Pages With Infinite Scroll.

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Google Analytics 4 – de ce ar fi bine să faceți trecerea din timp, chiar dacă noua platformă nu vă atrage

Ed Yourdon - Laptop man

În octombrie 2020, Google Analytics s-a lansat.

L-am testat pe niște site-uri, nu am considerat că îmi aduce niște lucruri la care nu am acces în prezent, cu Universal Analytics, varianta curentă a Google Analytics. O vreme nici nu existau multe tutoriale.

La GPeC din mai 2021, însă, un vorbitor a spus ceva atrăgător, în ideea de mai jos (citatul nu e din prezentare, e un citat dintr-un articol):

The problem is, Google Analytics 4 doesn’t migrate your data over when you switch, which means you don’t have any historical data available when you move to the new version. If you move over to Google Analytics 4 now, you can run both your new and old accounts alongside each other and start collecting data in GA4 before the old version is phased out. We don’t know for sure as yet what will happen with data on GA3 so this is a wise precaution to take. (Why Now is the Time to Move to Google Analytics 4 – Business 2 Community)

Așadar, ar trebui să treceți la Google Analytics 4 chiar dacă nu îl folosiți, în prezent.

Este un lucru banal, o idee simplă, însă implicațiile sunt mari – dacă, într-adevăr, la un moment dat trecerea la GA4 va deveni obligatorie, ar fi bine ca în acel moment să aveți cât mai multe date istorice.

Ce e de făcut în prezent, în opinia mea, e așa: pus GA4 pe un site (sau mai multe), dar păstrat în același timp și vechea versiune, Universal Analytics. Iar dacă GA4 va deveni obligatoriu, în acel moment vor fi date istorice în cont.

Ca să fac o comparație, la un moment dat Facebook a introdus usernames (posibilitatea de a îți defini un URL utilizator). Am amânat tranziția, și când, în sfârșit, am făcut asta, utilizatorul dorit de mine nu mai era disponibil.

Similar, e bine să treceți la GA4 din timp.

Ca pași concreți, într-un cont de Universal Analytics, se configurează crearea unui cont GA4, iar apoi se introduc ambele conturi într-un Google Analytics Tag (via Tag Manager), și se introduce acest tag, cu ambele taguri (și GA4 și UA) în site.

Din ce știu, nu se poate folosi vechiul tag în site, e necesar să se folosească Google Tag Manager și să se adauge ambele conturi (UA + GA4) în acel tag.

Tutoriale ».

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Simple writing

Björn - Typewriter

You need life experience, to have something to write about. Once you have it, it’s not that hard to write.

You need real feedback from your clients, to know what they need, to deeply understand them. Once you know this, it’s not hard to write.

You need to go out in order to understand the client.

Finally, you need to live your life, to see and hear the grass growing, so that you can better experience it.

All experiences matter in order to be a better person.

Getting data is hard. Once you have this, writing is easy.

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What’s the purpose of your business?

Abraham Puthoor - Southern Sunset

Upgrade your user, not your product. Don’t build better cameras — build better photographers. — Kathy Sierra

(What is Jobs to be Done (JTBD)?. Upgrade your user, not your product… | by Alan Klement | Jobs to be Done)

Generally, myself included, we tend to forget that whenever we sell products and services we should aim for an experience, a feeling, an emotion.

Don’t focus on the brain, the mind, the intelligence.

Look for the emotion, the feeling, how can you build a relation, how you can make people feel something.

A positive experience, if possible. :)

An online store should, thus, focus not only on the technical and logical characteristics of a product – product specifications, value, price.

There’s an emotional part, also, design, beauty, trust, community, security, engagement, recurrence, empathy.

People need emotions.

(about people) “We are not things!” (Mad Max, 2015).



“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Via Valentin Radu, Omniconvert, at GPeC.

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Google Maps free embed code vs. paid Google Maps API

Google Maps

Google Maps has two large options for use on a website:

  • If you must use an API, if you have no other option than that, you must pay to use the API for anything larger than 200$ / month. Details »
  • If an API is not mandatory, you could just embed a Google Maps, by going to, and embedding a map (hamburger menu -» share or embed a map -» embed a map).

More details on the second option, here »

Can I get Google Maps for Free?

In short, yes.

Google Maps provide a free embed code that you can copy/paste onto your website totally free of charge – or for now at least!

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