Printscreens of fragments of texts are overrated

Tim Meaney - official

Let’s say you see a message on a web site which disturbs you some way or another, it annoys you, it offends you, you find it immoral, various other things.

You might think it’s a good idea to either take a picture of the screen (quite a non-technical solution), or just hit PrintScreen on a Windows PC and paste it in a Paint image/Microsoft Word document.

The thing is, it can be quite easy to change what you see on the screen, to manipulate the message.

If you’re using Chrome / FireFox / Safari / Edge (and I wonder what else would you use, if you’re in 98% of Internet users), you can read about document.designMode = ‘on’:

As you can see, it’s so easy to change the text in a page, that even if you do take a screenshot, that may not count as a proof for “But that web site, on date X, said Y”.

A better solution is to use an external tool to save the contents of the page and put a time stamp on it.

I will only link to a Google search because this kind of tool needs to be used for a while, and online tools tend to disappear after a while, and I won’t edit this article very soon. So, a Google search »

One web site which might disappear someday »

What a web site like this is to visit the page for you and save it and put a time stamp. There are multiple solutions for this.

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Second-best articles when you have nothing to write about

Neil Conway - Research

One guy I like to follow online writes, from time to time, very good articles on how to write like:

From time to time, I suggest other people – “Hey, you should write, too! Start a blog! Just start writing, start from somewhere!”.

And, sometimes, I get this reply “But I can’t write 10x better articles than my competition!”.

This blog post is dedicated to those people.

The best kind of articles is when you come up with something new.

Some people (Derek Sivers, Seth Godin) manage, somehow, to produce a lot of content which is both new and high quality. Never seen before, and top-notch quality.

Let’s say you lack the creativity to write an article. I have this problem, myself. While I try to post mostly unique things on my blog, I’m only proud of a handful of articles on my blog.

What to do, then, if you have nothing to say, but you know that, still, you should flex your muscles and keep trying to write quality articles, all the time, even if most of them are hard to make?

I give you the one, top-notch, incredibly good, ultra, mega, giga, tera, solution! It’s called “research“.

If you have a blog on a certain subject, there are certainly some themes, subjects, which have been analyzed by others. Create original research starting from 5, 10, 20, perhaps even more articles on the matter. Create a huge, mega, giga, tera, article, summarizing all those articles you read about. Give references, of course, but don’t just copy & paste paragraphs, but make your own contribution. Rewrite everything, and give credit where it’s due.

Sure, these articles aren’t the best you can create. But they’re second-best, and you should do this.

In time, by reading and writing a lot of articles like these, you’ll get, I’m pretty sure of it, the ability to write original articles.

So, do “research” (the quotes are a bit of a joke, the research should be real).

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Ce tool de monitorizare cuvinte cheie să folosești?

Recomandarea mea, dacă nu folosiți toate funcțiile unei platforme de tipul Ahrefs / SEM Rush / MOZ / Cognitive SEO, e să căutați o soluție doar pentru monitorizare keywords.

Altfel, ajungeții să plătiți destul de mult pentru funcții inutile.

Dacă nu aveți nevoie de salvare istoric, vedeți: SEO PowerSuite tools Features and Editions.

De văzut articolele acestea:

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Despre featured snippets – mesajele care apar deasupra tuturor rezultatelor

Eric Wagner - Top

În prezent, dacă mergi la Google și cauți o întrebare:
cum se gatesc cartofii prajiti – Căutare Google

, nu vei găsi featured snippets pentru rezultatele în română.

Merită însă să te pregătești pentru momentul în care Google va introduce Featured Snippets.

De citit aici » despre featured snippets.

Mai jos, diferite resurse pe tema asta.

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